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The Advantages of a Loft Conversion

Are you thinking about converting your loft? A loft conversion is a great way to make productive use of space enabling you to benefit from a larger property without the hassle or expense of moving home. Keep reading this blog post!

How can I benefit from a loft conversion?

No need to Relocate to Gain Additional Space 

With the rise in property prices and a growing population, loft conversions are becoming a cost-effective way for those who have found a home in a perfect location (close to schools and other amenities) but are lacking space. A loft conversion can typically add an additional room to a property, taking that 3 bedrooms to a 4 bedroom property. This also includes an additional bathroom and storage space. Loft conversions can help save the expense of moving in order to gain additional space and also reduce the stress you may be going through.

Allows Freedom to Choose Use of Extra Space

Although both an extension and a conservatory bring the advantage of additional living space to a home, they do take considerably more time and planning. The options in terms of room type are often limited to an extra living room or dining room when it comes to conservatories, along with an extension that requires approved planning permission. Loft conversions, on the other hand, are quick and easy to transform, making the addition of extra living space a straightforward task. It also means that you are using dead space to your advantage without having to compromise property land that you will miss when built over. 

Various Styles Available

The main types of loft conversions available across the UK include: 

Dormer conversion: renovates the current space and adds a slight extension making a sloped room more vertical enabling extra headroom, floor space and light. 

Velux conversion: creates the appearance of larger space by adding Velux windows to the roof – this method works well for lofts that have greater height. 

Hip to Gable conversion: the sloped side of the roof is extended and replaced with a vertical wall which increases the overall internal area from a Dormer conversion.

With many types of conversion styles available, you can create your new loft personalised to meet your needs and requirements. Once your conversion is complete there are no limits as to how you use the space and the timescale for the conversion is often much faster than the building of a conservatory or an extension.

Adds Value to your home

if you decide to sell your home, it is estimated that a loft conversion can help increase the value of your home by up to 20%, making it a worthwhile investment. Learn more about the advantages that come along with loft conversions by speaking with a member of our team today!

advantages of a loft conversion

How to Know If My Loft is Suitable for Conversion?

Many lofts are suitable for conversion, however, some may be more expensive and cause disruptions, while others are easier and cheaper. 

Check the following factors to see whether your loft can be converted or not.

Check Your Roof Type 

Your home's roof will either have rafters or trusses, depending on when the roof was constructed. 

Rafters are sloped wooden-like structure series that extend from the ridge to the border of the roof. This is a traditional roof setting. 

Trusses are web-like wooden or steel structures that support the loft using a cross-sectional setting. Converting a truss loft is complicated and may add extra costs to your project's budget. 

Head Height Measure 

The ideal head height required for loft conversions is about 2.2 metres. 

You can evaluate the head height by using a measuring tape and taking the measurements from the floor up to the tallest point of the roof.

If the height is 2.2 metres or more, you can start planning your loft conversion. 


While estimating the space for a loft conversion, don't forget to include the staircase. 

A staircase is a crucial yet tricky part of the loft conversion and requires a lot of space to be constructed. 

However, it would be best to consult professional builders regarding the overall design and build of the stairs in your loft.

How Long Does a Loft Conversion Take?

On average, a loft conversion takes about 6 to 8 weeks to be finished. However, some notable factors may contribute to extending the loft conversion timescale. 

Current Loft State: If your existing loft is in poor condition, it will take extra time to clear up the mess and make it ready for conversion. 

Loft Size: The bigger the size of your loft, the longer it will take to be converted. 

Concluding the Loft Conversion: Some homeowners may want their loft to be only converted and nothing else, while others may prefer it to be fully furnished and decorated. So, depending on your preferences, this can add some time to the conversion being completed.

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At Substructure Development LTD, our qualified team is detail oriented and offers creative consulting ideas to ensure you get everything in one place. 

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