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How big can I build my home extension?

This a question that homeowners frequently ask, and as specialists in the industry, we will address this query and give you all the information you require regarding the size restrictions on home additions in this extensive guide.

Understanding Permitted Development Rights

It's critical to comprehend the concept of Permitted Development Rights before getting into the specifics of how big you can build your home extension. These rights are a collection of zoning regulations that exclude some building projects from the need for planning approval. 

Several construction projects are covered by permitted development rights, including single-story rear additions, loft conversions, and garage conversions. However, the quantity and scope of the building work that can be done under these rights are restricted.

how big to build an extension

So, how big can you build a home extension?

The sort of extension you want to construct, the location of your property, and the size of your garden will all affect how big your house extension will be. We'll go over the various categories of extensions and their respective size restrictions below.

Single Storey Rear Extension

Rear single-story additions are a common option to enlarge a house and add living space. According to the  Permitted Development Rights, you are permitted to extend your home by up to 6m if you have a semi-detached or terraced property. If you have a detached property, you are allows to extend it to up to 8m.

We would like to point out that these limits only apply if your home has not had any previous extensions made under Permitted Development Rights. If you have already extended your property, there will be a less size allowance for the new extension.

Side Extensions

You are allowed to extend your home up to a maximum of 4m, allowing you to create additional space without reducing the overall size of your garden.

Wrap-Around Extensions

In order to create a larger, more open-plan living area, wrap-around expansions entail extending your house to the side and rear. Whether you own a semi-detached, terraced, or detached property, you are permitted to extend your home by up to 6 metres and up to 8 metres, respectively.

A number of variables, such as the sort of addition you want to construct, the location of your property, and the size of your yard, will affect the size of your house extension. Planning your extension requires an understanding of the boundaries established by permitted development rights because going over these boundaries may require planning permission. 

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