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Should I have a ladder or stairs to my loft conversion?

Converting your loft can result in an incredible makeover of your home, but it frequently poses the question of how to reach it: using a ladder or building a suitable staircase? 

The solution may depend on your intended use of the additional space, but adding a staircase is usually the best option unless you plan to utilise the conversion simply for storage.

Let us examine the advantages and disadvantages of each option:

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Loft Conversions in Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot and Lincolnshire

Ladder Access 


Reasonably Cheap

In the loft, it occupies less space. 

On the landing, you can use zero floor space.


Unsuitable for young children, the elderly, or those with injuries or disabilities.

Moving goods and furniture into and out of the room is difficult.

Stair Access


Accessible in a simple and secure manner 

It transforms a loft conversion into a proper room.



It takes up additional space on your landing and in your newly converted loft.


Both staircases and ladders have an inherent safety hazard in that they both put the user at risk of falling from a height in some fashion — people fall down steps and off ladders all the time. 

Ladders are far more dangerous than steps since the chances of falling from a ladder and the severity of the injuries that could result from such a fall are both significantly higher than on stairs. It's worth noting that ladders are prohibited on most large construction sites in the United Kingdom.

No one is allowed to work off a ladder, and the typical mode of access from one level to another is via a temporary staircase, not a ladder. Exceptions are given when used as access on scaffolding or in situations where a temporary staircase won't fit, but no one is allowed to work off a ladder. This is owing to the high number of ladder-related falls and injuries


Using a staircase instead of a ladder to access your loft conversion could have several advantages: It will be easy to move furniture in and out. It will be safer to carry food or drinks. A well-designed staircase is likely to increase the value of your home. 

If you intend to utilise your loft conversion as a home office, you will need at least a desk and chair, as well as storage and any other equipment that may be required. You could wish to bring a delicious cup of hot tea or coffee to work every day, which would be simple on a stairwell but extremely perilous on a ladder.


Although a staircase is more expensive than a ladder, it is also more likely to raise the value of your home than the ladder. A bedroom with ladder access might not be deemed a 'bedroom' by an estate agent for valuation purposes, but the impact of effectively losing or gaining a bedroom on the overall worth of your home might be significant.

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