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Ultimate guide to flat roof extensions

What is a Flat Roof Extension?

Flat roofs are typically the best option when you simply need a small space because they are more appropriate for this than larger extensions. Also, when you don't want to block out the light or create any problems that might affect your ability to get planning authorisation.

Flat Roof Extension

Is a Flat Roof Extension the Right Choice?

There are several options for you to consider when picking a roof type for an addition to your house. It must be recognised that there will be situations in which flat roofs won't work (and there are many other possibilities you can consider), but there will also be situations in which they will. 

First and foremost, flat roof extensions are popular because they are less expensive than other extensions. Despite being more affordable, this does not speak to the calibre or durability of this kind of roof. This is primarily because they are considerably simpler to finish than the alternatives.

The fact that flat roofs look more modern than other roof styles is another reason why people prefer them. Modern materials can frequently be used to finish them, adding a new dimension to their appearance.

You might be concerned that a flat roof won't provide the right drainage level for any water that accumulates, but this is incorrect. These roofs are made to prevent water from pooling and leaks, so you won't have to worry about them.

It is also crucial to remember that even if you go for a flat roof, you can still add some of the finishing touches you want. This includes features like skylights and light wells that you might not anticipate possible with a flat roof. But you most certainly can.

Flat Roof Extension Installers

Are you liking the sound of a flat room extension? you'll want to ensure your extension is constructed to the best possible standard. To do this, you should only trust experienced professional companies like ourselves.

Substructure Developments offer flat roof extension services along with other extension installation services across Maidenhead, Windsor, Ascot and Lincolnshire.

Why not contact us to learn more about flat roof extensions and how they can benefit you and your house? Call us at 07834 617 743 or use our contact form right away to schedule your free site assessment!