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Five Ways to Add Value to Your Property

Adding value to your home doesn't always mean taking big steps such as adding an extension or completely refurbishing. While these things help, there are simpler and quicker things you can do alongside them to add value in a different way! Keep reading to find our top 5 tips.

adding value to your property

1. Fix any problems

The first thing to ensure is that any issues with your home are fixed. For example, have you been meaning to repaint the peeling paint on your front door for ages? Is there a leaking tap that you haven't got around to repairing? These sorts of problems can put people off buying or renting a property and can reduce offers made for the property.

2. Add a parking space

Having a parking space is very attractive to potential buyers, so this could be something to invest in if you haven't already got one. You can convert land you already have or buy a plot close by.

3. Consider how eco-friendly you are

If your insulation is poor and your windows and doors let a lot of heat out, this can decrease your property value considerably. It will cost more to heat the property and be much less efficient and eco-friendly.

4. Garage or loft conversion

If you have a garage or loft that are not getting much use, it can be very worthwhile to convert them into a usable room. If you do not wish to move in order to gain an extra room this an ideal solution and much more cost effective.

5. Make the most of your outdoor space

However much room you have outside, make the most of it! The simplest thing to do is keep it looking neat and tidy, as this shows potential buyers or tennants that you care about the appearance of your property and you want it to look presentable. If your budget allows, there are so many different garden styles to choose from, depending on your size and budget.

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