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Substructure Developments Ltd

Our Covid-19 Response

Substructure Developments Ltd is committed to ensuring all possible precautions are made protecting the health and safety of our clients, workers and the public and will take into account the following when working onsite.


  • Prior to the start of the project access to the site will be agreed and where possible a separate entrance arranged for the working team.
  • If either the client or the builder becomes unwell they have a responsibility to inform each other so that the risk of spreading the virus can be minimised
  • Any worker with COVID-19 symptoms will immediately leave the site
  • All workers to be made aware of our Coronavirus Policy
  • All reasonable measures will be made to achieve social distancing however, we know that it is not possible for some tasks and whenever this is the case, the time spent in close proximity to another will be kept to the minimum.
  • Portaloo and hand-washing facilities will be provided
  • Encourage frequent hand-washing and surface cleaning
  • We will contact neighbours and inform them that building work is being carried out in accordance with official guidance on safe operations
  • We will communicate as much as possible with clients via phone, email and video call, in order to minimise meetings and all face-to-face contact, including any signing of documents or provision of certificates